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26 May 2010

Complete album Live in Galway is available for free download on a little something to make up for the lack of gigs this past year. Enjoy!

12 May 2010

I am very pleased to announce that my piece "wave, particle, falling leaves" will be played at The Dragonfly Multi-Arts Festival at Ekehagens Forntidsby, Åsarp near Gothenburg, Sweden. This festival, organised by The Hollow Egg, will take place 20-22 August in a bronze-age settlement and open-air museum. I doubt I can afford to attend but would love to hear this four-channel composition for voice issuing from between the trees!

8 May 2010

All day Saturday (10am-5pm) I played back the sounds of the streets into the streets from the retailer Gold Mine Jewellers. This was part The Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG), a project of the SpiritStore collective, as part of ev+a 2010. My sound installation was just one part of a profusion of events including music, dance, performance art, printing, video, puppetry... pretty well anything! I started by recording early one morning at the exact same spot the speakers were later placed. The piece is hence a form of time travel for the sounds.

8 February 2010

I have been selected as one of the artists at this year's ev+a exhibition, Ireland's pre-eminent juried show. Each year a different international curator chooses and commissions works highlighting the most interesting contemporary art. This time it's Elizabeth Hatz from Sweden, who has been collaborating with the Univerity of Limerick's architecture department. Generally sound art gets missed out, but not this year!

26 April 2009

I just did a remix for Leafcutter John which you can find on his blog. He has made available the files for "Big Black Eyes", from which I produced the "Iris Mix", keeping the downtempo feel and making it a tad more abstract and spacious. I rather like the way it starts and progresses arbitrarily, before exulting in the minimal piano line. Everything comes together in the last chord. I did this without listening to the original or any of the previous submissions.

1 January 2009

Did I mention? I'm in school brushing up on twentieth century music theory and practice, by way of studying for my Masters. One term done and two to go. But this won't slow my output (which is never more than a trickle anyway).

1 November 2008

Join me this Saturday evening at Baker's Place, Limerick as part of the ongoing micronite series. I'll be on early, so make your way to the undergound venue at 9pm for some beeps and bloops.

25 October 2008

This Saturday at 5:30pm, if you happen to be in Mainz Germany, drop by the Antiquariat am Ballplatz to hear me debut a new sound art piece. I have the honour of kick-starting Die Gegenwart Von Jean Baudrillard, a two day conference on that thinker. I will be premiering "The 'Absence' Of Baudrillard", a granular synthesis improvisation. More on my blog here and here.

6 May 2008

escalation 746 track "On A Wire" chosen for Limerick electronic music compilation, due for release this fall. Details on Cheebah.

19 November 2007

escalation 819 is proud to announce the release of their newest CD, Marmaros, an hour-long exercise in ambient tension derived from the manipulation of a 200 second film theme. Buy it from the releases section.

15 November 2007

escalation 819 appeared live for the Framemakers Lecture/Performance Series No. 4, The Happening: "Mystery, Liturgy And The Void". The contribution to the evening consisted of live sonic manipulation and environmental sounds on a four-channel system. The piece "Marmaros" was created specially for the event; an excerpt is now available from the download section.

16 October 2007

RTÉ lyric fm is seeking works for its submission to The International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music. Full details may be found on the Nova website. escalation 746 has submitted "Lagrange Point 1" for consideration.

6 October 2007

escalation 746 provided the soundscape for "Roundelay: A Tribute To The Poetic Works Of Samuel Beckett", which received its second airing (and UK premiere) at the Sallis Bennet Theatre, Brighton. This was part of The South's annual poetry festival Pulse.

5 October 2007

The DJ project escalation 275 once again provided the sound environment for Mamuska Limerick. The next such event is 14 December. Expect an eclectic mix of music, 90% of which you have never heard of.

12 September 2007

escalation 746 is playing live this Saturday as part of Mamuska Dublin's contribution to the Fringe Festival. More information over on the blog.

12 September 2007

The escalation 819 track "Pack Ice" has been included on version 5 of Endless Endless, an online compilation of ambient music. Further information at the Theatre of Noise.

10 September 2007

I have just completed a series of articles on sensors for music production.

2 July 2007

I've shared some insights into the escalation 372 gig over at The Theatre Of Noise.

1 July 2007

My brand new Bebo page has launched with two exclusive tracks from the Galway gig.

13 June 2007

A rare live performance from escalation 372 is upcoming in Galway, Ireland. Read all about it!

19 March 2007

Four new downloads bring the total on that page to seven. Additionally my contact email has changed and all files are now hosted locally.

29 February 2007

A brand new website and a waspy new look. Enjoy.

30 October 2006

A new live piece, Granulation Knaves, premieres tomorrow.

9 October 2006

Another download has been added. Bountiful treasures await.

6 October 2006

The sound environment for Mamuska Limerick was provided by escalation 275. Every piece of audio throughout the evening was an original composition, many being generated in real-time. You just never know when you will be part of a premiere event.

2 October 2006

The new downloads section has two previously unreleased tracks for your listening pleasure.

8 September 2006

escalation 746 is happy to be opening for KK.NULL 31 October 2006 at a soundings event in Limerick, Ireland.