Enjoy some of my sounds, streamed via SoundCloud.

Er Sprach Esperanto
Two hours spent playing in Soundation. A language lesson given by clowns.

Celesta Fire
A remix of "A Secret Life" by David Byrne and Brian Eno, from their landmark album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.

The Future Leaks Out
This music derives from sketches I did in the mode of Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft. The samples are from the incomparable Bill Burroughs, whose methods I have studied closely. Pieces based on his tape techniques may be found on my first CD, Device for the Transmission of Electrical Energy Through Air, though they sound nothing like this.

2003 UB313
The discovery of trans-Neptunian object 2003 UB313 threw the very notion of "planet" into confusion. After three years of debate it has been defined to not be a planet, but Pluto has been defrocked as well. There will be much changing of science books. Here is a little theme tune I devised for this new neighbour.

Mentality Vetoed
A radical remix of a song by a forgotten post-punk band.

Wild Fatal Delights
As above.

Control Tower Theme
Main theme from the Control Tower Sound performance of August 2005. Read the pre-performance notes and the aftermath.

Integrated Noise Model
One of the selections from Control Tower Sound. Like the above, available on the CD.

Regression Test
A successful experiment in improvisation which has led to many other works.

Semaphore And Mystification [part 309]
In June 2006 I collaborated with dancer Katarina Mojzisova on a seven-hour performance titled O1. Over at the Theatre of Noise I have an article that gives an insight into the development of this piece, plus photos of the event. This is a brief excerpt that can only hint at the flow of sounds, largely based on reconstituted piano and paper samples.