granulation knaves

Thrown into a canal by a nurse-maid to prevent his tireless crying, Francisco Tárrega's sight was destroyed. Appropriately, his first guitar teacher was "the blind man in the marina".

We know the work of this 19th-century master of the classical guitar through a 13 note rendering of his "Gran Vals". This is known as the "Nokia Tune", the standard ringtone for that firm's mobiles for over 13 years.

Granulation KnavesThe pine marten is now extinct in the region of its namesake, the Nokianvirta river. Nonetheless, the famous mobile phone company takes its name from the town on this river.

Granular synthesis is a method of sound synthesis that involves splitting a source sound into small grains along the time axis, and then recombining them at different speeds, amplitude, phase, etc.

Dennis Gabor was a Nobel Prize winning physicist who theorised granular synthesis as well as holography, a form of three dimensional image storage.

"Granulation Knaves" is an anagram for "Gran Vals Nokia Tune".

This is also the title of a piece for Nokia mobile, miscellaneous transducers and software synthesis. It will be premiered 31 October 2006 at Soundings 1031 by escalation 746.